Clive Fenner Quartet

Featuring: Clive Fenner (drums), Martin Hathaway (saxophones, clarinet), Mark Ridout (electric guitar) and Geoff Gascoyne (electric and acoustic bass).

“Drummer Fenner’s group hit a particularly good groove when playing at the Eastside Jazz Club in Leytonstone recently. Fortunately he had asked somebody to record and later decided to prepare and issue it on CD. The standard is maintained throughout the disc with exceptionally good versions of Basie’s Topsy and Ornette’s Ramblin’ included. Hathaway gets the bulk of the solo work but the others do have their moments and the guitar, bass and drum rhythm section keeps things swinging throughout. Unpretentious bop and blues but none the worse for that. Gascoyne’s bass work, acoustic and electric, is a standout.” (Derek Ansell)

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